Cappies of Greater Cincinnati

cappies gala - may 2023

Sun May 7th - Aronoff Center

Participating Schools - 22/23

Campbell County  -  Colerain  -  Highlands  -  Larry A. Ryle  -  Loveland  -  Mercy McAuley  -  Randall K. Cooper  -  Roger Bacon  -  School for Creative & Performing Arts  -  St. Ursula  -  Taylor  -  Ursuline  -  Walnut Hills  -  William Henry Harrison  -  William Mason

100% Student Driven

The Cappies strive to recognize the area’s talented community of young writers, performers, and technical crews.  Students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, and write and publish reviews. At the end of the school year, critics vote to give awards to their peers for their achievements in performance, writing, and technical categories. 


*Top Three Review   -   ^Excerpt of Review


^Grace Hoffmann, '23 - Highlands HS's Sweeny Todd (musical)
^Grace Hoffmann, '23; & ^Kayla Kilgore, '25 - Taylor HS's Mama Mia

^Max Doyle, '25; ^Grace Hoffmann, '23; & ^Zoe Nienaber, '23 - Ryle HS's Eurydice
*Grace Hoffmann, '23; & ^Kayla Kilgore, '25 - SCPA's The Wiz
^Maria Buerger, '25; ^Maya DeStazio, '25; *Grace Hoffmann, '23 (top review!);
& ^Josh Nienaber, '26  - Walnut Hills' Macbeth
^Maya DeStazio, '25; *Grace Hoffmann, '23; & *Kayla Kilgore, '25
- Cambell County's Sweeney Todd (play)


 ^Grace Hoffmann, '23 - Mason HS's Puffs
^Zoe Nienaber, '23 - Cooper HS's Little Mermaid
^Zoe Nienaber, '23 - Taylor HS's Grease 


^Sydney Cardwell, '20 & ^Taylor Zureick, '20  - MVCA's You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Lizzy Wheeler - SCPA's These Shining Lives

^Lizzy Wheeler, '20 - Simon Kenton's Something Wicked This Way Comes


*Emily Bruns, '19 & ^Erin Koch, '19 - Ursuline's Les Miserables

^Victoria Childers, '19 - Larry A. Ryle HS's Twelfth Night

*Victoria Childers, '19 - Mariemont HS's Cinderella 

^Victoria Childers, '19 - Highlands HS's 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

^Emily Bruns, '19, ^Victoria Childers, '19 & *Maria Schlaechter, '19 - SCPA's Clue


^Emily Bruns, '19 - Cincinnati Christian HS's The Curious Savage

cappies gala 2023

 After a school record breaking 21 Cappie Award nominations, RB Drama Guild came away from this year's awards gala with SEVEN wins!!
This includes our program's first award for Cappie Critic writing; our first Acting awards; both Male and Female vocalist awards; winning Best Publicity for the 2nd year in a row; and winning BEST ORCHESTRA for the one and only RB3!

We couldn't be more proud of this Cast and Crew!  Long Live Rock and Roll!

cappies gala 2022

After being away for 3 years of live performances; our return to the Cappies brought TWELVE nominations and TWO wins! 
This includes our program's first technical win; and major ensemble musical win!

We couldn't be more proud of this Cast and Crew!  Seize the Day!

cappies gala 2019

Our first show reviewed by the Cappies brought NINE nominations and ONE win!  

We couldn't be more proud of the Cast and Crew's hard work!

Check out pictures and videos of performances!


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