Student Info

Rehearsal Schedule

Calls for each Drama rehearsal can be found here, on the Calendar page (see tab above), the Call Board outside 56, the Principal's Weekly, and from RB Drama emails


Rehearsal Days

Monday, March 18th

8:30am - 4pm, FAC-


Dress Rehearsal

Students can arrive as early as 7:30

Rehearsal will actually start at 8:30am

Lunch will be provided

We will finish runthroughs by 3:30 with clean up

Students can be picked up at 4pm

Tuesday, March 19th, 3-8pm, FAC-

Full Show Run-through

Wednesday, March 20th- 


Grade School Preview

Thursday, March 21st-

Opening Night

Friday, March 22nd-

Show 2

Saturday, March 23rd-

Show 3

Sunday, March 24th-

Show 4


Thursday, March 21st @ 7:30pm

Friday, March 22nd @ 7:30pm

Saturday, March 23rd @ 7:30pm

Sunday, March 24th @ 2:00pm


Audition Days

Thursday, Dec 7th Dance/Movement Auditions - 

mandatory for ALL CAST

Monday, Dec 11th Performance Auditions  -
times based on signups
Tuesday, Dec 12th Performance Auditions -
times based on signups
Thursday, Dec 14th Call-Backs -

Dance/Movement Auditions will be ON STAGE in the FAC.  This day is mandatory for all students interested in being in the CAST.

Individual Performance Auditions will take place in the Music Room.

Call Backs will be ON STAGE in the FAC.  You will receive an invitation email to
Call Backs on Wed, Dec 13th.

Cast Audition Info

For your audition, please prepare:

Google Form  Click Here for the Cast Form  
*Due on Thurs, Dec 7th prior to Dance/Mvt Audition*

Please prepare a ONE MINUTE Comedic monologue - from either a play or musical
(Not the "Holy Grail" movie or other movie)
(This should be funny, and show off some of the zany character you can be!)

Please prepare a ONE MINUTE song selection -
from  a musical (NOT "Spamalot" or a Disney show)

(It is preferred that you sing to a karaoke track from YouTube.  If you cannot find a track for the song you want to sing, please see Mr. Montgomery before your audition. 
A Capella only if necessary (it is never necessary...))

Individual Performance Sign-ups are located outside Rm56
(Remember to record your sign-up time on your Google Form)

Crew Application Info

Google Form  Click Here for the CREW Form 

Online Application Due Thurs, Dec 7th

Crew Interviews throughout Dec 11, 12, 13, and 14 during Flex or after school as availability allows

Available Crews
Student Directors
Stage Managers (2)
Set Building  (4-6)
Props  (3-4)
Run Crew (4-6)
Costumes (5-6)
Hair/MakeUp  (4-5)
Lights (5)
Sound (2)
Film/Projections (2)
Publicity/Front of House (4)

Thursday, Dec 14th Call-Backs - 3pm on-stage in FAC

If you are needed at Call Backs you will be notified via email by the end of school on Wed Dec 13th

Not everyone may get a call back
HOWEVER - not getting a call back does NOT necessarily mean you won’t be in the show.  We will be calling back people for specific character readings and specific character songs.

Roles and Characters in SPAMALOT

Named Characters
(with major scenes and solo songs)

KING ARTHUR - The King of the Britons, who sets out on a quest to form the Knights of the Roundtable and find the Holy Grail.  Very witty and funny.

PATSY - King Arthur's... er... horse.  Underappreciated, but loyal.  Snarky, funny, and physical character.

THE LADY OF THE LAKE - A DIVA! Strong, glamorous, magical.  Can command the stage with a single look.  She can sing effortlessly in many styles.

SIR ROBIN - A Knight of the Roundtable.  While named "Sir Robin the Brave", he actually is most cowardly. (This role plays multiple characters)

SIR LANCELOT - A Knight of the Roundtable.  Lance is fearless to a "bloody" fault. (This role plays multiple characters)

SIR GALAHAD - A Knight of the Roundtable.  From the humble beginnings of a mud-gatherer, Dennis is knighted and transformed into the dashing and songful Sir Galahad. (This role plays multiple characters)

SIR BEDEVERE - A Knight of the Roundtable.  The most scholarly of the knights... although we aren't sure why; he's quite inept.  (This role plays multiple characters, but has no singing solos)

HISTORIAN- A modern day academic with excellent diction that narrates the story.  (This role plays multiple characters)

Other Characters
(these are characters that are usually doubled by a lead or ensemble)

Confused Guards, the French Taunter, the Knights of Ni, Tim the Enchanter, Galahad's Mother, Prince Herbert's Father, Brother Maynard, Concorde, Monks and Nuns

Roles and Characters in SPAMALOT

Ensemble Characters
(with a few scenes and solo songs. 
These are smaller roles featured from the ensemble)

MAYOR - The Mayor of village in Finland

NOT DEAD FRED - Despite what others claim, he is "NOT YET DEAD".

PRINCE HERBERT - A hopefully and frilly prince, who just wants to sing, and pines for love atop a tall tower.

MINSTRELS - The travelling band of musicians that follow Sir Robin the Brave. (There are several in the band.  These Minstrels also sometimes double as Monks.)

Ensemble Cameo Characters
(these are small roles, in a single scene, with no solo singing)

SIR NOT-APPEARING - A Knight of the Roundtable, that just happens to not be appearing in this musical.

FRENCH GUARDS - Arrogant, condescending, over-the-top Frenchmen.

THE KNIGHTS OF NI - A different collective of knights, with very strong demands, and a catch-phrase or two.

THE BLACK KNIGHT - Can duel despite multiple injuries.

SIR BORS - A Knight of the Roundtable willing to confront a rabbit.

The Ensemble
(The SPAMALOT Ensemble covers all these other characters)

Citizens of Finland, Bodies, other soldiers and knights, servants and horses, Laker Girls, Citizens of Camelot, French soldiers and characters, Monks and Nuns, Knights of Ni, wedding guests


Audition Info Meetings

Thursday, Nov 30th after school 3pm in FAC
Monday, Dec 4th during Flex

Check out pictures and videos of performances!


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